About us
Who are we? What motivates us? Why are we going on a journey?

We are a German-Mexican family who used to live in Landshut, the capital of Lower Bavaria. Our family consists of daddy Peter and mummy Lili, both in their mid-30s, and our son Leonardo, who has just outgrown kindergarten.

A pretty blonde named Güera (Spanish for "the blonde") accompanies us on our journey. She is almost 10 years old and a female Golden Retriever - probably the only one who doesn't like going into the water.

For four years we had been living in a new apartment of over 100m2 not far from the historic old town of Landshut, enjoyed many great friendships there and had followed our everyday life.

Now, a time-out. Why?

Like all parents, we want only the best for our child, for our family. For a long time we have attached great importance to a healthy diet, trying to obtain our food from regional suppliers and from organic farming. At the same time, we have also remained largely physically fit. Our dog helped us not to get stuck in front of the TV, but to go out even if the German weather was not too inviting.

But that is no longer enough for us. Everyday life restricts us too much. Healthy living also means having time for each other. But first of all we had to part with many things that made up exactly this everyday life:

job, apartment, furniture

Simply everything that seemed dispensable to us at that moment. And with every decision, with every item we sold or gave away, we felt more comfortable. We felt confirmed in doing the right thing.

We wanted a break, first a month, then three months and at the end we decided on a one year. The USA was determined as our first destination very quickly, as we have a lot of family and friends here whom we can and would like to visit. Moreover, this country has always fascinated us, the landscapes, the people, the possibilities. We also want to get to know Canada, which we have never visited before, and also visit some places in Mexico.

Neither an exact route nor an exact duration we want to determine. The way is the goal and we want to take the freedom to stay where we like it. Because it is the lack of time for and with each other that drove us to begin this adventure.



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